Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Visual Essay On My Trip To Rupp Arena

(with textual notations by the author)

You are looking live from scenic Lexington, Kentucky! I am heading to Rupp Arena to watch the Kentucky Wildcats take on the legendary Portland Pilots.

This is not inside the arena. This is inside a mall near the arena. Lexington loves their Wildcats.

This is inside the arena. So if there is a tornado I can look forward to flying urine and feces.

Wildcats fans. Their necks are red and their bald heads are painted. Look for the mullet in Picture A.

Must be nice.

Armed with my Free Enes badge, I was ready for the game.

I cannot tell you how much this waving flag hypnotized my wife and mother-in-law. Place gets pretty noisy.

And we're off for a sloppy first half!

At some point during the second half the brought out former Wildcat Antoine Walker out onto the floor. Standing O. I hope they paid him.

Whatever he said to them as he passed their huddle must of worked because then this happened: (watch the whole sequence. The first dunk was not the only dunk)

Then they did this flag pyramid thing. My wife woke up. Crowd also went wild. I should mention that Rupp holds 5000 more people than the home of the Utah Jazz, the ESA.

As the game ended the cheerleaders (male and female) stood on the court as they and the crowd sang "My Old Kentucky Home". Very cool and reminiscent of Yankee Stadium.

Then a cardinal was outside my window.