Monday, February 13, 2012

Rising Stars Challenge Mock Draft

The format has changed for the Rookie-Sophmore game, and I could not be happier. It is no longer Rookies vs. Sophmores, but rather two teams drafted by Shaq and Charles Barkley from a pool of Rookies and Sophmores. The NBA blatantly stole this from the NHL, but who cares? No one watches hockey anyway. I for one hope that the NBA is just testing this system out during this game, and later decide to use it in the big boy game as well. Shaq won the coin flip on Thursday and picks first. Below is my Mock Draft based on how I think they will draft.

1. Shaq - Blake Griffin (Shaq has already said this will be his pick)
2. Chuck - Ricky Rubio
3. Shaq - John Wall
4. Chuck - Derrick Williams
5. Shaq - DeMarcus Cousins
6. Chuck - Paul George
7. Shaq - Kemba Walker
8. Chuck - Greg Monroe
9. Shaq - Kawhi Leonard
10. Chuck - Kyrie Irving
11. Shaq - Evan Turner
12. Chuck - Markieff Morris
13. Shaq - Tristan Thompson
14. Chuck - Gordon Hayward
15. Shaq - Marshon Brooks
16. Chuck - Landry Fields
17. Shaq - Brandon Knight
18. Chuck - Tiago Splitter

Blake Griffin
John Wall
DeMarcus Cousins
Kemba Walker
Kawhi Leonard
Evan Turner
Tristan Thompson
Marshon Brooks
Brandon Knight

Sir Charles
Ricky Rubio
Derrick Williams
Paul George
Greg Monroe
Kyrie Irving
Markieff Morris
Gordon Hayward
Landry Fields
Tiago Splitter

I hope that Rubio and Blake play together honestly.  Also I know for a fact that it will be Barkley who picks Hayward. He has too much Jazz love.

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