Monday, November 5, 2012

A Plea to Tyrone Corbin

1. Play Your Best Players

It seems simple. It should be simple.

The NBA is not 3rd Grade Jr. Jazz. You don't play everybody equal time because we are all equal friends. You play to win. You win by playing your best players. Jamaal Tinsley is not in the Jazz's top 10 best players. Alec Burks may be in the Jazz's top 5 players. Tinsley is playing, Burks isn't.

Corbin claims that he plays Tinsley because he gets the team into the offense better. Correct me if I'm wrong, but getting the Jazz into their offense consists of 4 things:
1. Looking at Corbin to get the play.
2. Calling out the play.
3. Bringing the ball up the court.
4. Making an entry pass to the wing or high post.

That's it.

Are you telling me that for 16 minutes per game that a combination of Randy Foye and Alec Burks cannot accomplish those 4 things?

The Jazz's bench has struggled to score the ball. All of their offense has come from putbacks from Derrick Favors and Randy Foye creating space for a jumper. In the last two games the Jazz have needed points in the worst way. Why not bring Burks into the game so that he can shoot (on fire during the preseason) and get to the rim (gets to the line at a high rate). Burks is electric. Tinsley will not be in the league once the Jazz decide that they are done with him. It's an easy call. Vinny Del Negro could make this call.

2. Use Gordon Hayward on Offense

Corbin's late game imagination has consisted of throwing the ball into Al Jefferson and letting him wait out a double team. In San Antonio, he bypassed the ideas of running Mo Williams off screens for jumpers and for using what had been the most effective offensive weapon for the Jazz all season...

letting Gordon Hayward run the side pick'n'roll.

So far this season, Gordon has been lethal when allowed (or forced) to do this. He has either stuck a short jumper, gotten to the rim/line, or found a big for a layup/foul or open midrange jumper. Players at his position cannot guard the pick'n'roll. They are too big to get around screens and he is too fast for them to recover.

Ty Corbin does not see this. Instead he sees Gordon Hayward as a guy who should be running around curls for jumpers or standing on the 3 point line as a decoy for Al Jefferson to go to work. Now, Gordon is shooting the ball well this season, but historically he has been streaky.

Again, this should be simple. It is simple. Use your players according to their strengths. Gordon is at his best when he is allowed to be a play maker, not a shot maker. Mo Williams is a great shooter/scorer, not a great playmaker. I am sick of his errant pick'n'roll passes that hit the defenders legs already. Give the ball to Gordon and give him some screens. He is going to make things happen. They need to use him like Portland used Brandon Roy in his prime.

At this point Corbin is stunting the growth of the 3 of the most promising players the Jazz have had since Deron Williams (Burks, Hayward, Favors). By doing so, he is holding back the development of the Utah Jazz. He needs to wake up.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down from Games 2 & 3

Mo Williams - that 3rd quarter show he put on in San Antonio was electric. That is something the Jazz have missed since Deron Williams left.  His passing has left much to be desired.  Still, that 3rd quarter run ...

Marvin Williams - somebody switched Marvin Williams out for CJ Miles. I can't prove it, but it happened. F-. Game 1: 7-13 (21 pts) Game 2&3: 6-17 (13pts).

Enes Kanter - the once and future breakout player of the year has become timid and prone to complaining. Punish them Enes. YOU MUST PUNISH THEM.

Paul Millsap - Seemed to have found his groove in San Antonio, FINALLY.

Gordon Hayward - The only player that can be counted on to play hard consistently on this whole team. Millsap included.

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